November 6th Election

As the November 6, 2012 Election draws near the difference between our endorsed candidates and there Republican challengers has become abundantly clear. Over the next fifteen days you will be receiving several information packets from your local union to show why we as trade unionists should Re-elect President Barack Obama and elect Elizabeth Warren to become the next United States Senator in Massachusetts. Make no mistake about it, Senator Scott Brown will vote with Mitt Romney at every opportunity.

Senator Brown has voted against to extended un employment benefits 16 times and Mitt Romney at the convention of Associated Builders and Contractors stated that he would eliminate Project Labor Agreements, prevailing wage laws and create a National Right to Work Law. He conveniently fails to tell the American public that translates to the right to work for less. The American Labor Union movement is at a crossroads, helping to elect our endorsed candidates will ensure that middle class America will have a fighting chance to survive.

In Solidarity,

Michael P. Filpi

Business Manager